History of FPC

FPC is a non-profit organization that helps cancer patients in Peru. By raising funds and encouraging goodwill initiatives, we develop various activities mainly within the areas of education, research, prevention, treatment and social support in favor of cancer patients.

ico-vision  Achievements
  • Construction of the INEN (Peruvian Institute of Neoplastic Diseases) Hospital.
  • Construction of the Maes Heller Cancer Research Center, one of the most important in Latin America.
  • Construction of the Frieda Heller Shelter for low-income patients from Peruvian provinces.
  • Throughout its institutional history, the Foundation has supported more than 25,000 patients and offered scholarships to more than 150 doctors for oncology study and research.
  • The Foundation has developed important oncological research, such as the cancer registry database on the population of the city of Lima and nationwide.

Our mission is to improve the service and treatment quality provided to the most disadvantaged cancer patients in Peru.


We firmly believe that by encouraging goodwill and coordinating efforts we can alleviate the suffering produced by cancer amongst the most disadvantaged patients in Peru.


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Board of Management

The FPC Board of Management is composed of the following members:

  • Mr. Francis A. Pilkington
  • Dr. José Bernal Helguero
  • Dr. Humberto Allemant Salazar
  • Mr. Aldo R. Defilippi
  • Mr. Alberto Goachet Miró Quesada
  • Mr. Fernando Guinea Naranjo
  • Mrs. Delia Mariátegui Cornejo
  • Dr. Paul Pilco
  • Mrs. Ana María Vidal Buckley
General Management
  • Mr. Miguel De La Fuente
    General Manager
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