What We Do


We provide social support to low-income cancer patients from Peruvian provinces by offering them free transportation, food and housing at the Frieda Heller Shelter during their treatment at the Peruvian Institute of Neoplastic Diseases (INEN).

We watch over the treatment of all patients by supporting them with medication, exams, prosthesis and other necessities which are not covered by their Peruvian Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS) or are not readily available.


We provide institutional support by donating equipment and oncological instruments to the INEN Hospital and other oncological centers that belong to the public health network in order to improve the level of assistance provided to low-income patients.


We offer scholarships and loans to doctors and professionals that belong to the public health network in order for them to receive training and be able to provide better care for patients with limited resources.


We carry out public talks and awareness campaigns about cancer prevention.


We finance cancer research that is applicable to the Peruvian reality.

Annual Report