About the Shelter

The Frieda Heller Shelter was created 54 years ago to provide accommodation to low-income cancer patients during their treatment; in addition to food, transfer fees, medication and SIS non-covered exams, among others.


Offers accommodation to cancer patients during their entire treatment; in addition to food, transfer fees, medication and non-covered exams, among others.
Provides multidisciplinary support which is paramount to help both physically and psychologically.
Offers spiritual support by four sisters of Pro Ecclesia Sancta order who live in the Shelter.
Grants access to basic elementary education and creative workshops through agreements with Santísimo Nombre de Jesús School.
Provides more than 300 volunteers’ support including young people and adults.
Organizes group dynamics and learning and motivational workshops.

Current Patients

Gelmesi Pinedo Pinedo

44 years old
Place of origin: Tarapoto
Diagnosis: Breast cancer
Shelter residence time: 1 year

Dora Orosco Cuyo

43 years old
Place of origin: Cuzco, Canchis province
Diagnosis: Breast cancer
Shelter residence time: 2 years

Soledad Peña Ccahuana

4 years old
Place of origin: Cuzco, Espinar province
Diagnosis: Bladder cancer
Shelter residence time: 3 months

Volunteer Testimonials

Carmen Yuli
Carmen Yuli

Volunteering is something you should experience, you will gain spiritual and personal satisfaction. It will contribute to your personal growth.
Angie de la Cruz
Angie de la Cruz

To be a volunteer is to say I will help, share, give and also receive, it's a mutual love.
Nicole Carranza
Nicole Carranza

A lot of people tell me they would like to help at the shelter but they feel very sad to do so. I tell them that this fear of feeling utterly sad while working there couldn't be further from the truth, and that being a volunteer at the shelter is an incredibly enriching experience.
Giovanna Dotto
Giovanna Dotto

We arrive at the shelter with the intention to help, but oddly enough, the patients themselves end up helping us, transforming our lives.
Valeria Morris
Valeria Morris

I am convinced that we are on this planet to do more than simply being alive, we are here to help those who need it most.